How to use cling film keep food fresh?
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  • Jimmy at
  • December 07, 2016


1.What’s is the regular size?

10micron x 300mm x 30m,10micron x 300mm x 100m,10micron x 450mm x 300m etc.

2.How about the lead time?

Normally within 10-20 days after deposit received.

3.Can i use this cling wrap to pack meat?

Yes,PE cling wrap is better than PVC,it is more health.

4.How to identify PE and PVC cling wrap?

PVC cling wrap looks a little yellow,PE cling wrap is transparent.

But PVC has better transparency,stronger tensility and viscosity than PE cling wrap.

PE cling wrap has less smell than PVC cling wrap,PVC cling wrap will have black smoke when burn.

5.Does your cling wrap meet FDA request or not?

Yes,our cling wrap has passed FDA certificate.

6.Can you help us to make printed packing box with slide cutter?

Yes,we could provide custom services including sizes,printing,logo,etc.

7.Can i make our logo on the paper core?

Yes,any logo is OK..

8.Can i got a free sample to test?

Surely,please contact us and get free sample.

9.Can it be used in the microwave?

Yes,all can,but PE cling wrap is more safe and health.

10.How about the MOQ?

Low MOQ can be accepted,it is depends on your request specification.